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Testimonies of God’s Faithfulness

Sharing your story is powerful and life changing! Many have overcome because someone shared their story and it brought hope and encouragement for their future! You don’t have to know everything in the Bible to be a witness. You only have to be willing to share the story of what Jesus did in your life.

May these stories encourage you as you grasp His heart in knowing what He’s done for others, He will do for you. “For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.” Revelation 19:10





“Pastor Susan, I must tell you that I am in tears as I read your interpretation of my dream. It is so amazing to me your gift. Thank you so much. It definitely touched my spirit and is very powerful. May the Lord bless you richly and increase you more and more as you honor Him with your gift.”


“Your interpretation was pretty much spot on. My role at church has changed and I’m doing things where I know the mantle has lifted…..I am stepping out of God’s will and into men and my own…..”


“Your interpretation brought me to tears!! Happy, faithful, hopeful tears 🙂 God’s timing really is perfect! I had that dream Friday, the same day ……… for years and always asked God to let me see it when it happened. I am expectant and excited!”


“I praise Him for you and the words, instruction, along with His voice of leading…From Him, through you, to me. Your beautiful devotion to our Lord Jesus, and your seeking desire to be led by His Spirit, will not only produce fruit within you but in many others. Proverbs 31:26 “When she speaks, her words are wise…and she gives instruction with kindness.””


“That is incredible! And the interpretation completely applies. (Too bad God doesn’t talk in simple English instead of riddles!) lol, this is great news.”


“Ok thank you Pastor Susan!!! As always you are so helpful! I really appreciate your willingness to be available!!”




“Only true friends of Jesus can take you to the cross, make you stay there and restore hope. You are an amazing warrior, and we thank you for your faithfulness we had little left. Our God reigns.”


“Thank you again for taking time out of your day to meet with me. It was a blessing to have met you and you through Christ have changed my life forever. I needed this more than you know or you did know. Thank you for making me understand. I thank the Lord for using you as his beautiful vessel and to help Christians and people see and hear what they need when we get lost at times. I am thankful for everything and this encounter, I will not forget but be forever grateful. In Gods Glory I will continue to make him proud as I saw through new eyes before I am a cleansed person knowing now I am worthy of a love that is meant for me, and knowing I cannot allow the light to illuminate if I’m holding on to (rocks) walls and unforgiving thoughts. Thank you for helping me break these away from me. I will continue to stay diligent in my walk and seek the glory of God and his plans for me now that I have rid the garbage that was weighing me down. Thank you so much. You are beautiful in so many ways and I thank God that he allowed this meeting. I also wanted to thank you for offering any help in the future. In Gods endless love …forever”


“Thanks for reaching out. I have no siblings and my parents are older and are trying to understand. You have been an encouragement. Please keep in touch with me. You are a blessing to me and have such wisdom from God.”


“I’m doing better Pastor Susan. So thankful you too your time to pray for/with me. After our session I’ve realized I’ve had to repeat for hate. I had no clue it was there, I was always known as the opposite and walked on as a result. But after repeated abuse of authority in the church and family members & all the stuff from childhood, I had judged, and I hated those traits in people not being healed in. The years of repressed anger & range was coming up and I was hating that these things were enable, never called to account and as a result leaving a trail of devastation, injustice, & pain in people’s lives. I keep placing it all before the Lord, and I’ve felt hope begin to return.”


“I also wanted to give my testimonial of what God has done since my prayer with you! I have felt a freedom that I never felt before. I feel completely different!”


“Your Words are well received, your prayer and thoughts rest in my heart, and I expect everything spoken to come to pass! God always has his ram in the bush, to be available when needed! May the scent of “Rose of Sharon” Fill your home as you sleep tonight!”


“I was one of the women you prayed for before you spoke and i was the one with the written word I gave you to show you confirmation. Your prayer for me that morning still rings in my ear. Thank you for that edification. If you are ever in the area again, please keep me on your list? I would love to hear you again. Warmest Regards”


“Hello Pastor Susan, Thank you so very much for your message today. It was amazing and moving!! It completely spoke to my daughter Emily and I. Thank you for praying with us!!! After much resistance, we had an amazing break through this evening. I will continue to praise God. And I will keep my attention on Jesus’ promises. It’s amazing how God speaks through you and really ignites our hearts to be on fire for Jesus. Thank you so much! Please keep us in your prayers. So many Blessings to you!”


“You have no idea how much you mean to my family. I tried blessing you a few years back….love you so much. Gracias. Always my mentor! God Bless you.”


“Thank you so much! You always know the perfect thing to say. Thank you for listening to the lord and being obedient to his word! Praying for a dressing anointing in your heart!!!”